Mythic Parties are gatherings of storytelling adventure, constructed for you and a small group of friends to play in your home, or in any setting that works best for you.

Games include but are not limited to Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Heroquest, and Fiasco.  

We are available for kids parties, birthdays, a night with friends, stags / stagettes, ongoing campaigns, or whatever occasion drives you to seek glory with trusted companions at your side.

Never played a Tabletop Role Playing Game before? No Problem!  Our Game Masters will help you jump into epic tales, no matter your previous experiences.   Depending on your needs, games can be run with miniatures, digital tokens, dry erase maps, or theatre of the mind.

Mythic Parties has run Roleplaying Games for Games Stores, Charitable Events, Tabletop Conventions, Elementary and Secondary Schools, and private parties for youth and adults.

Want to craft an Epic Tale?  

Contact us now to book your adventure today!