The World of Myrr is a fantasy RPG setting created by Andrew Cawood and Cawood Publishing.

With many successful Kickstarter projects, and several gorgeous books of expanded Monsters, Lore, and Adventures for Dungeons & Dragons, The World of Myrr is a treasure trove of resources for Dungeon Masters.

Phil's Mythic Maps have been a part of that journey and will continue to be as the World of Myrr expands.

If you would like a large format digital or print copy to support your groups exploration of Myrr, contact Phil.


Whatever your needs, Phil can take your rough ideas and sketches of a fantasy world and turn them into a Mythic Map.

These high resolution works of art are worthy of your wall, novel, RPG campaign world, or Kickstarter project.

Contact Phil to see about making your Mythic Map today!